What shots in films and commercials is Motion Control useful for?

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1. Scale MoCo

Read more details in "Hobbit"

2. Twin shots

Example from "Nutty Professor II"

Example from "Matrix Reloaded"

3. Crowd Duplication

Example from "Napoleans"

Read more details in "Apocolypto" and Michael Jackson's "This Is It"

4. Choreography of camera motion of an otherwise difficult shot

Example from "Panic Room"

5. Hazardous scenes with dangerous elements or location.

Example from Commercial "Sportlift Gum"

"Vanilla Sky"

6. Actor and background are not together.

Read more details in "Into the Wild"

7. Match shots of Live Action with Miniatures and Models.

Example from "Lord of the Ring"

See more examples and details in "The Lord of the Rings", and "King Kong"

8. Removal of wires, special rigs, or an actor: or Composite transperant figures in the shot. 

Remove an actor example from "Hollow Man"

See more examples and details in "The Chronicles of Riddick"

9. Perfect Photography for Table Top

Perfect product shot from "Corona" commercial

"Wonder Bread" commercial

10. Combine Different Frame Rates in Live Action

Example from film "Catch Me If You Can"

Another example from Green Days music Video, "American Idiot"

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