JetRail and Hi-Speed JetRail


The basic dolly setup will allow you to place a hi hat, tripod, or an extention arm with a motion control pan and tilt head for a simple three axis shot.

The JetRail dolly Incorporates a high-powered stepper or servo motor with an appropriate mounting bracket to our modular dolly. It can run as belt drive or rack & pinion drive. Everything necessary to operate the dolly is included in the package. Simply add your tripod and a RotoFlex head for basic track moves with pan, tilt, focus, and zoom.

The JetRail can operate on our extensive stable of curved dolly track. Our curved track comes in the following diameters: 20 ft., 30 ft, 42 ft, and 80 ft.

Hi-Speed JetRail

General Lift can provide the JetRail with a Servo Motor to achieve speeds up to 18 ft. per second (548.6 cm per second). Please call General Lift to find out more about this option !!