Senior Rig

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The Senior Stop Motion Animation motion control system was designed specifically for a Disney Film Project and since that time has found use on many stopmotion production stages.

It has seven axes of motion: Track, Boom Swing, Boom Elevation, Pan, Tilt and Roll plus Focus.

All the mechanical components are precision class quality rails, bearings and the main construction is fabricated from steel plate that has all mating surfaces precision ground as well.


1. The Senior has it track on the floor to provide extra room for the animators.

2. Two different Boom Arm lengths; 60 inches and 96 inches to provide greater reach into and above your set.

3. Head can be configured in Pan and Tilt, or Pan, Tilt and Roll.

4. StereoScopic slider is an option

5. The Senior Rig can be used on its own fixed length track or rigged to work on our Sorensen Track to any length one may desire.

Some of the facilities and productions that use our equipment :

Starburns Films : Anomalisa

LAIKA Films : Box Trolls, Paranorman, Shadow Machine Films, To Hell and Back

Screen Novelties : Target Commercials

Stoopid Buddy Productions : Commercials