Junior Rig

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Junior was designed as a versatile, easily moved and configurable smaller form factor Stop Motion Animation motion control system as compared to the Senior Rig.

Designed as an “all in one” form factor, Junior can be rolled to the set and then dropped down to get ready for shooting.

It has seven axes of motion: Track, Boom Swing, Boom Elevation, Pan, Tilt and Roll plus Focus.


1. Junior is built with the system riding on top of a sturdy steel weldment with heavy duty casters to roll into position to your set.

2. Leveling feet are located on all four corners to accurately position Junior in a very stable and level configuration.

3. By virtue of its size and mobility, Junior is easily wheeled in or out to allow a new set-up by one person.

Some of the facilities and productions that use our equipment :

Starburns Films : Anomalisa

LAIKA Films : Box Trolls, Paranorman, Shadow Machine Films, To Hell and Back

Screen Novelties : Target Commercials

Stoopid Buddy Productions : Commercials