Genuflex MK III Servo - Specifications

Speed - JetRail/Genuflex
Track 10 ft per second (305cm per second)  
Boom Swing 180° in 2 seconds    
Boom Elevation 8 ft in 2 seconds (244cm in 3 second)  
Camera Pan 180 in 1 sec. or less    
Camera Tilt 180º in 1 sec. or less    
Camera Roll 180º in 1 sec. or less    
These figures are conservative and are achieved utilizing 160 Volt, 8 amp drivers on all axes.
Boom arm the distant from the center of rotation to camera film plane at nodal
Short Arm 71.5 inches (182cm)    
Standard arm 90.5 Inches (230cm)    
Long arm 120.5 Inches (306cm)    
Boom arm is + / - 45 degrees off level
Short Arm with 83.54 inches of travel (212cm)  
Standard arm with 110.24 inches of travel (290cm)  
Long arm with 152.76 inches of travel (388cm)  
Center of boom arm rotation from floor to center is 58.58 inches.
Degrees Of Motion
Boom Swing 360 Degree +    
Boom Elevation 45 Degree +/-    
Camera Pan 360 Degree +    
Camera Tilt 360 Degree +    
Camera Roll 360 Degree +    
MK III System weights, (Approx. for main modules)
JetRail Dolly & Swing 630 lbs (286kg)  
Genuflex Cone & Screw 215 lbs (98kg)  
Genuflex Long Arm 240 lbs (109kg)  
Genuflex Standard Arm 175 lbs (79.5kg)  
Genuflex Short Arm 150 lbs (68kg)  
RotoFlex Pan & Tilt Head 115 lbs (52kg)  
RotoFlex Pan, Roll Head 70 lbs (32kg)