KuperDat is a compact, self contained, battery operated Kuper System in a very small form factor. KuperDat is perfect for remote heads, motion encoding, virtual set systems, and very portable motion control systems. It fits easily into existing user equipment.

Bottom view, showing a full-featured PC/104, PC compatible computer board attached to the KuperDat Card. Use the Compact Flash card for scale.


* Six axes of Motion Control. The user may select between Step and Direction or Quadrature outputs for each axis.

* Each axis has dedicated, noise filtered Home, Positive Limit, and Negative Limit Inputs, with Active Homing..

* Ten fully Differential Quadrature Encoder Inputs, including Index Inputs. Encoder cable lengths of several hundred feet are possible.

* Synchronization inputs for film, video, and timecode sources.

* Generates and receives standard timecode formats.

* Inserts SMPTE time code or camera frame number into looped through video signal.

* Two high performance RS232 ports and two RS422 ports interface to data logging, virtual set, KuperNode, and other applications. One RS422 port can be configured to interface to a DMX-512 digital lighting network. Port data streams can be hard-synchronized to any film or video camera.

* Eight Analog-to-Digital inputs with precision voltage references.

* USB Peripheral Interface provides easy data transfer to and from Windows XP and Windows 98 computers.

* Boots and runs from a Compact Flash card, or standard hard drive, or 2.5" hard drive.

* Interfaces to a standard computer keyboard, monitor, and mouse, including compact TFT display panels.

* Can be used with or without a keyboard, monitor, or mouse.

* Compatible with most PC/104 CPU's and accessory cards.

* Card set is only slightly larger than a standard IDE Drive.

* Operates from 9 to 30 Volts DC. Provides regulated power for the CPU card.

* RTMC130D Software Package included. Supports 10/100Base-T Network Data Streaming.