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Kuper2001i card

Download Kuper 2001: 48 AXIS. (file name: RTMC130x.exe)
Full Inst.

All additional support files for full 2k card installation. (file name: UTILARC2.ZIP)

* will work for all Kuper cards. If you already have a running Kuper system, you do not need to download this file.
* Please download on a Windows system, unzip all the files to a floppy, then copy the floppy on the Kuper system.

Release Date

February 9, 2004


The name of the file you download will be date coded with a name similar to "04020948.EXE." It contains a compressed version of RTMC130X.EXE. Follow the installation instructions at the bottom of this page. After installation, please run the software and verify that the initial dialog box states "Compiled: February 08, 2004" or some later date.

Please note that we no longer support the 16 axis version of the software for Kuper2001 cards. Please upgrade as soon as possible to this new 48 axis version.

New Features

Included in the packed files is "040209K2.TXT" which has details on several new software features.

DMX-512 is now fully supported.
Axis position data can be sent in ASCII format over any of the Kuper2001 serial ports in real time.
Preston "FI+Z" compatible devices can be controlled directly from Kuper. Some new two-letter commands support generating time code.
Also included is "serhdrs.pdf" which details the pinouts of the 4 serial channels on the Kuper2001 Card

Classic RTMC48

How to tell the version of software?
Download Download the 16 Axis Version (file name: 00032416.exe)
Download the 20 Axis Version (file name: 00032420.exe)
Download the 24 Axis Version (file name: 00032424.exe)
Download the 48 Axis Version (file name: 00032448.exe)
(recommended version for all RTMC48 systems, regardless of actual hardware axis count)
Full Inst. All additional suport files for full RTMC48 card instalation (file name:UTILARC.exe)
Release Date March 24, 2000

All the programs listed here will run only on systems equipped with a Kuper circuit card. The software will attempt to initialize the Kuper circuit card and certain PC motherboard resources -- these initializations may lead to crashes on systems not equipped with a Kuper card.

If you already have a running Kuper system, you do not need to download UTILARC.EXE. If you need a full set of installation files, download "UTILARC.EXE" in addition to the software version listed above for your specific Kuper Card. Copy UTILARC.EXE into your Kuper directory, and run UTILARC one time only to unpack the support files.

For RTMC16 card

For RTMC16 Card
Download Download the 16 Axis Version (file name: 00032416.exe)
Release Date March 24, 2000

This is the only version that works with RTMC16 Cards.

For the KRJ32 Creature Card

Download Download the 32 Axis Version (file name: 000324kr.exe)
Release Date March 24, 2000